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fuck forever

Nothing will ruin your 20’s more than thinking you should have your life together already.
@hyyppe miss u 💜
Anonymous: Boobs or bum?

could not care less. and the answer is eyes, I like eyes.

Anonymous: Here you're an absolute babe

here dude you are too. thanks xo

Anonymous: im doing architecture aswell, but i dont know what uni's best? any prefernces? :)

hey! I study at Strathclyde and I’d 100% recommend it. it’s also rated the best school in Scotland - Domus rate all the schools within Europe every year and Strathclyde is the only school in Scotland in the rankings, and the only one of three ranked within the UK - after the AA and the Bartlett. I only mention this to tell you how the school is considered within the profession, however, you have to go wherever you feel most comfortable. I personally think Glasgow is a fantastic place to study architecture - and architecture goes far beyond ‘buildings’ - the city has such a vast array of creative practices and places from film to music, just anything basically that would fall within art and design. and within glasgow you also have the art school. it just depends what kind of education you are looking for and certainly do not rule out Edinburgh/Dundee/Aberdeen. I have a lot more to say and tell you about and would love to talk to you! if you send me a message off anon it would be great to talk and try and help you with anything I can. hope to hear from you soon!

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Anonymous: What're you studying & where?

at architecture school in glasgow. hi!